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Mukilteo Elementary School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit unit, run completely by volunteers.
We sponsor many exciting and fun activities and events which support and encourage our students, their families, and our faculty and staff.
We are always looking for new members and willing volunteers. Please help your kids by helping us continue to make our school the best.
We invite you to donate a little of your time and talent to support Mukilteo Elementary School and the finest student body ever assembled.








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Mukilteo Elementary Student Directory

The school directory is an easy way to look up contact information for other families within our school. It is handy for arranging play dates, birthday parties and other events.
The provider selected by your PTSA is - secure provider, using SSL encryption to protect your data. Your address, phone number and email are not accessible by anyone outside of our school. Your PTSA also choose to pay a little extra in choosing our provider of directory services, because we wanted a solution that would not send you marketing emails or sell your email to other companies.

The sign up process is fairly straightforward. Click the link provided below, and begin by entering one of your children enrolled at our school. After you enter the first child, the system will ask you if you have other children to add. You can choose to display your address, phone number and email, or any combination of those items.

Click here to sign up!

After you set up your account, you will receive a confirmation email containing your password within one week.
Once you receive your password you can login to the directory. You can search for families by last name, or you can choose to print a directory list for your child’s classroom. There’s also a mobile app if you really want to have on-the-go access.


1.       Use Search to find students, parents, or families.  

2.       Use Favorites  to quickly see the contact info for families you have marked as a favorite.

3.       Use Print to print a list by class or grade level.

4.       Use My Family to update your own information.

5.       Use Contact Us to send a message to Mukilteo Elementary PTSA

Do you need a password reset?  Let us know by sending an email with your name and your student's name.  Be sure to send your request from the email address you used when you signed up!

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